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We understand business is just one piece of who you are – not the whole thing. That’s why we help your travel solution be efficient, so you can have more time for the people and things you love.

Maintenance Simplified

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Our full-service maintenance center is qualified to perform all of your Cirrus maintenance requirements. We keep your aircraft compliant and safe by providing inspections, parts, equipment installations, composite repairs and more.

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Our Cirrus expertise, large team of technicians and pilots, and in-house parts department streamline the maintenance process. After all, time is money. We aim to maintain your aircraft proactively – so you can accomplish your mission.

Client Profile | shain buerk

Owner of A Cirrus SR22

About 10 days ago, as part of a routine borescope of my (new to me) Poplar Grove Continental IO-550 Engine, we discovered two cylinders that showed evidence of valve strikes.

Because I own a chain of breakfast and lunch restaurants I fly a lot and use my plane for essential business transportation. News like this was devastating to me, not only because of the red tape that would surely be involved in getting Continental to honor the warranty on my engine but because it would mean I would be AOG for who knows how long and that situation is very difficult and costly for my business. Thanks to Lone Mountain Aircraft Maintenance, this incident was resolved quickly and with only a minor impact on my business.

One thing being an aircraft owner has taught me is the power and value of a great relationship with a good service center. In four years of airplane ownership I have had the opportunity to deal with quite a few shops now, some for minor things like oil changes and tire replacements and some for major repairs including new cylinders, a top overhaul and even engine replacement at TBO. In that time, nobody has been as awesome as Ryan and his team at Lone Mountain.

Here’s how I describe Lone Mountain to friends around my hangar:

You want to know why I live in Columbus but travel all the way to Springfield-Beckley Airport to get my service done? Well, you know that feeling after you’ve just picked up your airplane after maintenance and you taxi to the end of the runway to take off on your first flight back home?
You know very well that just hours before you got into the plane the cowling was off and there were tools and towels and new parts all over your open engine, so you do a really thorough run up and are hypersensitive to all the gauges. You roll out on the runway and apply full take off power and when you do you’re intensely focused to make sure everything is perfect. All pilots and airplane owners know that nervous feeling.

Traveling to Springfield is worth it to me because after maintenance at Lone Mountain I rotate with full confidence knowing everything was touched by a true pro.

Have confidence your plane is safe for take off – on your schedule

Here’s how:

1. Give Us A Call

We will discuss your specific Cirrus aircraft maintenance needs and give you a call back with an estimate.

2. Schedule Your Maintenance

Maximize aircraft availability by scheduling events at sensible times with advice from our experts.

We order the necessary parts for known maintenance events if we don’t already have them in our extensive inventory, so everything is set for your plane’s arrival.

3. Fly with Peace of Mind

As a top Cirrus Platinum Service Provider we protect your aircraft, time, and passengers.

Leverage our unparalleled knowledge and experience servicing Cirrus aircraft to get in the air faster.

Your Trusted Partner In Cirrus Aircraft Maintenance

We Are Cirrus Experts

Our focused expertise enables us to complete your maintenance more efficiently.

Our knowledgeable technicians also help you plan services at opportune times to minimize downtime and cost. We have a legacy of saving aircraft owners thousands of dollars and hours.

We Specialize In Convenience

We understand the inconvenience of aircraft maintenance and do everything possible to alleviate the hassle. Pilots are available to pick up your aircraft and bring it in for a scheduled AOG service.

Lone Mountain Aircraft is also a large parts provider meaning we likely have your part on hand. Minimize downtime caused by long lead times for parts and get in the air faster.

We Prioritize Safety

Your aircraft is valuable, and so are the people that travel with you. That’s why safety is at the core of our service.

As a Cirrus Platinum Service Center, we ensure your Cirrus aircraft is maintained at the highest standard. Every technician working on your plane is OEM Trained and Cirrus Certified.

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